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Welcome!  For years I had daydreamed about owning my own farm – growing a huge garden, caring for animals, enjoying a simpler life.  I used to think that I could not enjoy those things unless I won the lottery, quit my job and moved to the country.  While that still sounds like a pretty solid plan, I am not going to wait around for that dream to come true.  I am going to fit that dream life around my real life, and into my not quite 1/2 acre suburban yard.  I hope this site will inspire you to follow your dreams no matter where you call home!

Cape Cod

Our name, The Cape Coop, is a nod to our home on beautiful Cape Cod in Massachusetts (you know that funny little “arm” that sticks off the coast of New England?).  I feel truly blessed to call the Cape my home; a string of quaint seaside villages, picturesque beaches,  friendly, down to earth people and a fudge or ice cream shop around every corner – what’s not to love? The Cape takes pride in inviting people to slow down, unplug and enjoy the simple pleasures in life – we aren’t a flashy, thrill a minute destination and that’s just fine with us.  We are barefoot in the sand, we are come as you are.  On this laid back spit of land I share my home with my husband, our four children and our ever expanding herd of furry & feathered friends.

Our backyard “farm” adventure I suppose began innocently enough in 1998 when we bought our house.  I knew we would have a garden; my mom always had a wonderful kitchen garden, and I had so many fond memories of harvesting ripe, warm strawberries and plucking sweet peas off vines that towered over my head.  So that first summer I had a tiny plot of dirt where pretty much everything I planted died.  Over the years my garden has grown and grown and I’d like to think I have learned quite a bit over the years.

Coop Tour

But right around New Year’s in 2012 is when I feel like my farming dreams really kicked into gear. I was browsing through Pinterest, dreaming up a garden plan for the spring, when I came across the cutest little chicken coop.  I stared at that chicken coop for a long time.  I thought to myself “I wish I could have chickens”.  Staring at that photo, I realized the only thing standing in the way of my dreams was me (isn’t that the case so many times?).  I knew my town allowed chickens because the couple down the street had them.  We called them “the chicken people”, could I be a “chicken person” too?  So for days I read all I could on keeping chickens before I told my husband & kids – they were all on board and within a month we had our first fuzzy baby chicks!  I had zero experience with chickens and I think my extended family thought I was losing my mind.  Spring of 2015 we expanded our backyard farm with the addition of our adorable wool producing English Angora rabbits, and 2016 we added some sweet little ducks and now my extended family KNOWS I’ve lost my mind but they just shake their head and smile when I talk about my farm.  I’m glad you are here to share the journey with us!

I am a pretty big family history buff, so you can imagine how excited I was when shortly after we decided to raise chickens I discovered these photos of my grandfather when he was a young boy.  I didn’t know it, but he had grown up on a farm in Connecticut with his parents, sisters & grandparents where they raised chickens!  It was such a treat to discover this special connection.  I guess being a “chicken person” has been in my blood all along!


grandpa feeding the flock, around 1933


grandpa with his sisters, loving their chickens around 1933


my kids feeding the flock – 2012


my kids loving their chickens – 2012



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  1. Janet LaRocca says:

    I’m wondering if I met you a couple years or so ago in Falmouth at a Gardeners Club Meeting. I am (sorry to say) in NJ, but have dear friends on the Cape and I went with them. If it was you, you had a crate of eggs as well that were all different colors. I have never forgotten that! So amazing. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed your blog/story.

    • Liz says:

      I’m glad you have enjoyed my blog! Unfortunately, I don’t think that was me as I’m not yet a member of the Gardeners Club. Falmouth is such a supportive town for small scale farmers though, I know there are lots of chicken keepers here!

  2. DEIRDRE says:

    Hi! I live in Northern California 🙂 I just wanted to leave a comment saying I enjoy your story here. I raise meat rabbits…hahaha, we haven’t eaten one yet in the 4 years I’ve raised them, and I was looking into getting a couple Angoras, which is how I found your blog. I think its wonderful what you’ve done with your garden, chickens and rabbits etc. I have had the same farm dreams for years myself. Good luck in all you do!

    • Liz says:

      Thank you! I hope you get your dream farm someday! I don’t know if I could go through with meat rabbits either, they are so cute 🙂

  3. David says:

    Thanks for an informative site. As a new breeder of Indian Runner Ducks I have had my share of “Now what?” situations and just needed a little advice to alleviate my worries. Your site is so helpful when this sort of guidance is most needed. We are in sunny Devon in the UK by the way.

    • Liz says:

      Hi Cindy,
      Unfortunately, I am not in any stores up that end of the Cape yet. The closest to you is the Plum Porch in Marstons Mills. I will also be at a craft fair in Hyannis next Sunday (Sept 24) right near the Hyline docks at Ocean Street. Otherwise, my Etsy shop is always an option 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Sue Gierej says:

    I saw yo last weekend in Dennis and I am so sorry that I didn’t purchase you sugar scrub. Please contact me with info about if you are in any stores yet.

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