Backyard Chickens

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Starting your own backyard flock



Are you thinking about starting a backyard chicken flock, but not sure if it’s for you?  Are you unsure where to start?  Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of backyard chicken keeping! Explore the links below to learn more!

Welcome to our coop! Enjoy this photo tour of our chicken coop & get some ideas on what to do (and not do!) when building your own


Come check out the Photo Tour of our Coop & Run!







Chicken Breeds
Cold Climates

Free Range

Lessons from
Chicken Moms

Fertilized vs
Unfertilized Eggs

Best Chicken
Breeds for Pets

Top 6 Herbs
for your Chickens

Keeping Chickens
Cool in Summer

Keeping A
Farm Journal

Should you
worm chickens?

Being a Good
Neighbor Farmer

Best Tasting
Eggs Ever!

Mites & Lice
in Chickens

Preparing Farm
Winter Weather

Supplemental Light
in Winter

All About
Chicken Eyes

DIY Chicken
Coop Plans

Chicken Terms
for Beginners

Things to Consider
Before Chickens

How Much Space
do Chickens Need?

How Much Time do
Chickens Require?

How to Train
Your Chickens

How Much Do
Chickens Cost

Basic Chick

Chicken First
Aid Kit

Giving a Chicken
Health Exam

Homemade Coop
&Home Cleaner

Gypsy the

Recycled Wood
Mini Coop

What is a
Broody Hen?

Life of a
Backyard Farmer

Gardening for Your
Pets & Livestock

Choosing the Right
Chicken Breeds

Why do Chickens
Dust Bathe?

Heritage Breed

Deep Litter
Coop Maintenance

Preventing Frostbite
in your Flock

Benefits of
Keeping Chickens

Festive Garland
for Chickens

Hows & Whys of
Fermented Feed

Vintage Egg

Should You Get
a Rooster?

Designing Your
Perfect Coop

What to do with
Aging Hens

Backyard Chicken

Helping Your Flock
Through Molting

Introducing Chicks
to your Flock

Hatching Eggs with
a Broody Hen

Integrating a Single
Chicken to the Flock

Deep Cleaning
the Coop

What to Feed
a Sick Chicken

Growing Wheat
Grass Indoors

DIY Brooder

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